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Friends don't let friends drink and fly.
Message to Senior Pilot, Enterprise: ...routed to Hikaru Sulu (pilotforflowers)

Hello there, m'good man! Greetings and Salutations!

Who might I be? Well, Captain Leo Francis Walsh, Captain and Pilot of the ship you're graciously towing. I had a recent sit down and chat with your Captain and he told me that we might get along, quite keenly.

As I have nary a friend on board, would you care to have a beverage or two...particularly of the alcoholic persuasion. And perhaps some cards? Pool? Discussions about the new XR525-b Engine class?

--Leo Walsh

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Message to Captain Leo Walsh

Well, he's not really my captain, but he's enough like mine that I think I might trust his judgment.

Drinks sound amazing, man, and pool and the discussion. I'd say cards, but the last time I did that, I woke up naked.

-Hikaru Sulu

Scared me there for a moment, wondering if there was a pool table on board. Quick scan of the network tells me that Recreational Room 4, happens to have a brand new green-top.

Meet me there and we'll break her in, what d'yall say?

--Leo Walsh

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"God damn," Harry proclaimed with a low whistle as he surveyed the table. If it could have fit through the door...and weighed just a little less, he might have considered stealing it. Starfleet occasionally did have taste.

Idiots forgot to put a table in for beers, though. Fucking amazing the wood didn't have rings all over it, already.

Harry rolled his eyes and replicated a pair of glasses. He had his flask, full of some decent rot-gut from Proserpine Settlement. After that, he'd have to rely on synthehol to get his job done.

At least his damn flask was full.

He had enough respect for craftsmanship that he set the stuff on his handkerchief before he racked them up.

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Well. This was interesting to say the least. He hadn't been on the ship for very long at all before being invited by another captain to drink. Interesting really.

He almost laughed at the drinks that were there when he walked in. Sulu smiled at Leo. "I take it you're the guy who thought to message me?"

"Why, that I am," he answered as he slid the triangle into position. The balls were brand new, slid smooth as greased glass, shiny.

Good Lord Almighty, this ship was run by children. Harry maintained a smile as he took in the senior pilot of this rig.

"Leo Walsh." Harry extended a hand to shake and jerked his head toward the glasses and the flask. "All I got by way of real, honest to goodness alcohol. Not particularly elegant, but it should do just fine for pool and flyboys."

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