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Five Finger Discount. [Technically, early Day 2.]
Space Suit (Helmet)
Now it was true, draining all the air off a ship did make it a might harder to navigate. But really, oxygen, heat, and gravity were for suckers, and Harcourt Fenton Mudd hadn't spent five years as a Salvage Entrepreneur for nothing.

A good kick with a magnetic boot had the aft airlock propped open and the power cut. He could see the Lightning Bug through the thresholds, running lights off but main windows a glow. Their warp containment was shot, but they didn't really need it at the moment. A tether launched from the back of the ship, and connected with the side of the outer-airlock threshold. If the ship moved when the line hit it, Harry didn't notice.

True, they could just drift it all straight into the bug at this angle and distance, but snapping it to a zip line just made Harry feel better about the whole proposition.

Ruth and Eve had done a bang up job getting everything moved. Everything expensive had been well hidden, and everything cheap was being rounded up while Harry dealt with everything expensive. Magda was on the bug, playing catch the crates of medical equipment, and life was good.

Ultimately, they had three hours before the Starfleet Engineering core was supposed to be on the ship, and five hours before they'd actually show up. Naturally, Harry took his sweet time hooking crates to the line and sending them over to the bug.

"Maggie, you be careful with these," Harry warned over the comm in his helmet. "Ain't a one of them worth less than' a hundred thousand, gold pressed."

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"Quitcher bitchin, Harry," Magda replied cheerfully, as she caught another crate and strapped it down to keep it from floating away again. "I'm the one who ran the assessment swipes on every last one of these while you sat around and drank synthehol, if you'll remember. I know exactly how much they're worth."

There was no way to drop them in zero-g, anyhow. She pretended to just the same, just to see Harry flinch.

Harry did not flinch, he jumped. Fortunately, it looked an awful lot like the walking he was already doing, so he didn't have to cover it.

"You keep sayin' that, but who's the guy who filched every last one out of medical storage and dragged them to the suite?" Harry prompted proudly.

"Eve, how's the last check? I would like to be down and out of radar 'fore e'en a one of em' feds actually get here." He paused. "Did either ya'll make certain to leave a thank'e note for the Captain?"

And by thank you note, Harry meant: Did either of you wipe the crew and inventory rosters?

"It's green," she said, eyes on it and the sheet, a second and third last look--didn't want nothin' going bump, even in null g. Maybe 'specially in null g. Things made a hell of a mess floatin' about. "Checks out."

"What, for Trouble?" she smirked. Eve was plenty ready to see the back of him. "Maybe a smallish somethin'."

Just wait'll he ordered his coffee tomorrow.

"Shiny," Harry answered as he hooked the last of the big crates. Harry took his sweet time, but he'd be goddamned if Eve and Ruthy hadn't done a fine tootin' job. Fine tootin? He needed a vacation after this. In less than an hour, he had everything squared.

"Maggie you get those engines up, Eve, Ruth, git back here double time," Harry said as he hooked the last container. "Let's get off this tub and git' paid."

"Yes, sir, Captain, sir." Magda was already in the engine room, giving everything one last look-over. It felt good to be back on the 'Bug, all of them working together and the cargo bay full of honestly stolen goods.

Even if the warp containment unit did give a sad little sizzle as she fired up the engines. It didn't matter. With this latest job, they had more than enough goods to trade for a new one. And then they could get away from the goddamned Feds and back out in the black where they belonged. It made her twitchy, all this military stuffiness and bright shining lights.

Magda gave the bulkhead an affectionate pat as she left the engine room and headed for the bridge. Harry couldn't laugh at her if he didn't see it. Besides, she knew full well he was just as glad to be home as the rest of them.

"Captain, sir," Harry mimed and rolled his eyes. Somehow, Magda managed to sound condescending no matter what title she was calling him, was a damn impressive talent, bless her heart.

He hooked himself to the line and kicked off. Eve and Ruth would be along in minutes and he wanted on the 'Bug. Dammit, was he ever tired of Federation Starships. He took a sentimental moment to enjoy being back on his ship before making his way through the forcefields to the bridge.

Maggie was already there, occupied with startup, and Harry dropped into the pilot's seat. He shot the redhead a dashing smile and activated the panel.

"I do believe it's high time we got the hell out of dodge, don't you agree m'dear?"

"Well, I'll be," Magda said, staring at him in amazement. "I hate to say it, sir, but I think I may actually agree with you."

Then she shrugged. "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, I suppose."

But she flashed him a grin of her own before turning back to the controls. As soon as Ruth and Eve got back on board, they'd be good to go. And when Harry was right, he was right.

It was time to get the hell out of here.

"Three accounted for," Ruth said, drawling the words out in one of her many affected accents. This one was Denobulan. Probably.

She stepped all the way into the cockpit and leaned over to give Magda a kiss on the cheek. Harry got a vague wave in his general direction.

"Where's Eve?"

Magda smiled at the sound of Ruth's voice - unmistakable, no matter how she was dressing it up today. She kept her eyes on the controls, though; the 'Bug could be a little fussy starting up, especially when it had been sitting awhile.

"Dunno, but she better get back here quicklike, less she wants to get left," she said, one eye on the chronometer.

She finally glanced up, smiling, as Ruth bent down to kiss her cheek. Ruth was always so civilized, even when there was no call to be. It was a nice change, sometimes.

"Everything shiny?"

"Sparkling like my second-best dress," Ruth said. Her first best was black silk chiffon, which would only be shiny if it was cheap.

She smiled. "Did you drop anything?"

Magda gave Ruth her most innocent look.

"Me?" she said. "Would I treat our precious cargo with anything other than the greatest of care?"

She glanced across to the pilot's seat. "Careful, Harry, you keep rolling your eyes like that and they'll fall right outta your head."

Anythin' worth doin was worth doin' right, even if that took a bit more time. Besides, if'n you didn't decompress after a straight up walk outside, your eardrums busted. Wasn't worth saving ninety seconds, not if they weren't actually being chased. They'd get outta here just the same.

A place named New Vulcan didn't exactly scream 'exciting new crime', but maybe some of 'em were like T'vau. She was an alright kinda girl. Shame she was broke. Broker than the Ten Commandments. And Trouble talked a big game, but she weren't his type. Apparently on account of her having ladyparts and all.

Crazy Starfleet sausage fest. Outta there was plenty good enough for her.

Magda wasn't quite givin' her the stink eye. Easy enough to do, from over where she weren't the one packing cargo. Eve just about cracked out keep yer shirt on and figured it for a moot point.

"I really do not want to be pickin' those up," she said instead.

"While I know all of you ladies are fascinated by my stunning eyes, might I redirect your attention to the matter at hand?" Harry asked patiently. "That bein' the matter of us gettin' the gorram hell out of here and gettin' paid."

Harry spun in his chair, and flipped on the overhead comm. He'd pondered while on that Starfleet tin can: Benny was in this sector, but damned if he'd give out half a lick what any of this were worth. Zaphoid wouldn't fly out this far, plus he was crazier than a Denebian slime devil at sunset. That really only left Sleazy Joe.

Good ol' Joe.

"Magda, if you'd please?" Harry motioned to the flight controls before activating the comm, proper. "This is Captain Leo Henry Walsh looking for a respectable business man, there wouldn't happen to be one listening in on this channel, would there?"

[[OOC - LOL. I guess Jim wasn't keeping his eye on them. :D]]

((OOC - This is what he gets for going Unicornshark watching. :D ))

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